José Gil Piñera "gilito" -

singer, composer and conductor. Born in Guanabacoa, Cuba. As a child he was surrounded by the musical atmosphere and at an early age began his singing studies in the school of music, William Torres. Their idols Benny Moré, Oscar de León, Celia Cruz and Los Van Van have set the tone in his musical career. In 1989 intrega Orchestra "Sauce of corner" directed by Roy rocks Martinez and considered one of the most popular of the 90's. In 1991 they made their first international tour to Sweden. In 1992 come to Chile where to roam the country for twelve months sharing stage with the likes of Cheo Feliciano, Jose Alberto "El Canario", Orchestra of the light, Juan Luis Guerra y 440 and the General. They also participate in the first International Festival of Chile and recorded their album "Footprints". In 1993 he settled in Malmö, Sweden where formed his own group "Group key" and record production "Greatest hits" with arrangements of his own and under the Apple Records label. That same year he traveled to the Canary Islands where he participated in the great international Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria where shares stage with Manny Manuel and Los Hermanos Rosario. As well, I put the issue "Without documents" at the top of the radio "ratting" of Gran Canaria. During this stage of his career shown in large scenarios and events as the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, Falun Festival and Festival of Malmö in Sweden. During their performances in Europe she has shared the stage with celebrities from the world of Salsa such as Los Van Van, Klimax, Mayito Rivera, Cubanísimo, La Charanga Habanera, Manolito and his Tabonuco. In 1997 recording "Scrooge and his key", production which gathered great successes of Cuban timba influenced by the Son and bolero. In 1999 was invited to the International Festival of Vega Salsa in Denmark where fulfilled one of his big dreams, singing alongside Oscar de Leon and receive his blessings. In 2006 recorded its most successful production "to Caesar what is Caesar 's" with his Orchestra "Scrooge and his key", which occupied the first places in Sweden and the rest of Europe. In addition to its productions, Scrooge has worked on more than 70 musical productions. Currently Jose Gil Piñera is one of the exponents of Cuban Timba most recognized in the world. Apart from his Orchestra "Scrooge and his key", working as lead singer of the prestigious "Afrocuban All Stars" Orchestra, directed by Juan Marcos and that gathers the most important Cuban musicians around the world. Having traveled much of the world.

Pablosky Rosales
Born in Havana Cuba, Pablosky Rosales is graduated from "Instituto Superior Pedagogico Enrique Jose Varona" with a major in Musical Education. In 2002, he started working as a Tres /Guitar player and backing vocalist with the renowned band CUBANISMO until he moved to Toronto Canada in 2006 . In Toronto, he has collaborated and recorded with some of the most important Salsa, Cuban music and Latin jazz bands in the local scene, such as Amanda Martinez, ”Café Cubano”, “Guaracha y Son quartet”, Luis Mario Ochoa’s “Cuba tradicional” and also international stars like Bobby Carcassés, Tony Vega, Jimmy Bosch, Charlie Cardona  amongst many others. Other career landmarks for PablosKy includes the Musical Direction of  a show at the Prestigious The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, the soundtrack of a documentary produced for NaLeo TV in Hawaii, his collaboration as a composer and arranger  for the 2008 Grammy Award nominated recording  “Greetings from Havana” by CUBANISMO and as a tres player for the Juno Award winning recording “Embracing Voices” by Jane Bunnett

for the last 3 years  I'm part of the world famous  Institution CUBANISMO whose bandleader is MR. JESUS ALEMANY performing in the most important Jazz and popular music stages around the world

                           GABRIEL HERNANDEZ

I was born on July 16, 1964, I started my musical studies at the Conservatory Luis Casa Romero, located in the city of Camagüey. where I participated in competitions of classical music, at an elementary level. At an early age I began my interest in jazz music, at age of 15 I entered as the director of the group of the excellent singer Beatriz Marques, where we recorded some discs. I received the award for best

 I have shared the stage with great music idols, such as: Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Ray Charles etc.   Also participated as a pianist with important artists such as Gene Pearl, Tito Puente, Bob Sheppar, Roy Hargrove, Arturo Sandoval, Paquito D'Rivera, Greg Fishman, among others.

Later I founded my own band called “Fervet Opus”, we participated in various international jazz festivals, like: Montreal, Montreux, Jambori in Poland, Yugoslavia jazz festival, fest Danube etc. I was part of the project of the famous jazz singer and blues NY; Tomas Leon, at the same time I played with the famous Dizzi Guillespie . After this great proyects, I entered into different bands, such as: The Miguel Escalona, ​​... wonders Florida etc.


The UNEAC (National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba), gave me the title of “member of the list of personalities of Cuban art”. Also, I am member of the evaluation committee of artists in Cuba.


Now days, apart from my career as a pianist jazz soloist, and my quintet, I was part of the famous group ; “AFROCUBAN All Stars”, directed by Juan Gonzales Frames, we have participated in several international festivals. I formed my quintet of jazz music, in Mexico City, where we participated very often in national and internationals concerts and festivals. I am the main pianist of the band “Cubanismo”, orchestrated by master Jesus Alemany, we have done several concerts in U.S.A, Canada and Europe for the last 3 years. 


Was born in Havana, Cuba on a 23rd of December. He began his first steps in music at the tender young age of 10, having as teacher his uncle ISRAEL (KANTOR) SARDIÑAS, who was his inspiration and guide.


Cristobal begins to specialize in the study of the bass guitar at the Guillermo Tomás Music Conservatory. He continues his studies for professional development at Ignacio Cervantes, having as teachers Silvio Vergara and Carlos del Puerto.


He is presented professionally to the music world during performances with national bands, dabbling in various genres of music such as Son, Salsa, Jazz, Latin Jazz. His skillful versatility playing the Electric Bass, Baby Bass and Acoustic Contra Bass, allowed him to become a member of well known orchestras in Cuba and globally such as: HAVANA D’PRIMERA, PAULO FG Y SU ELITE, ADALBERTO ALVAREZ Y SU SON, PACHITO ALONSO Y SUS KINI KINI, MANOLIN EL MEDICO DE LA SALSA, to name a few. This in turn showcased Cristobal in many musical productions, along with national/international well known festivals.


In 2009 Cristobal travels to Mexico where he is hired at one of the iconic locations for Cuban music in Mexico City called: “MAMA RUMBA”. While in Mexico Cristobal has the opportunity to share the stage and work with top artists of the moment: JERRY RIVERA, ESTRELLAS DE NICHE, LAS REINAS, and many more. At the same time, during his stay in Mexico, Cristobal organizes his own orchestra, offering their musical services to artists, singers, and other musical talent touring in Mexico.


In 2012, Cristobal Verdecia officially arrives in South Florida’s Miami, USA. From this moment through today Cristobal continues his artistic work participating in many concerts with a variety of local bands, national/international known artists and bands, such as: CUBANISIMO, AYMEE NUVIOLA, RIVERSIDE MIAMI, TITO PUENTES, JR., ROBERTO TORRES, EL EQUIPO (Manolo Puerto), MOJITO GROOVE (JC González), GABRIEL HERNANDEZ Quinteto de Jazz, MAMBO 54, FAJARDO Jr., JULIO SABALA, ALEXIS VALDÉS, ISSAC DELGADO, TIMBALIVE, PICADILLO, TONY SUCCAR, TOMASITO CRUZ, among others.


His musical profession as bassist, producer, and arranger, has placed him in high regard amongst the local musicians, allowing him to include many other musical productions working through his very own studio (Verdecia Productions).


Cristobal is currently active as a member of bands/musical projects such as: House Band for República Deportiva (UNIVISIÓN Television), Aymee Nuviola, EL EQUIPO (Manolo Puerto), as well as other local bands, recording bass for many artists and touring worldwide.


Conga player and percussionist Jorge Luis Torres “Papiosco”, born in Havana City 1969 and began to play Cuban percussion with 3 years old. Soon after, he started at the Guillermo Tomas Music School and subsequently had the great opportunity of performing at the age of 12 years old with the great Cuban Conga master “Tata guines”; for the opening of the Adolfo Guzman Competition 1981, (featured in YouTube as “Tataguines y su Relevo”). Since then, “Mr. Papiosco” has been very fortunate to perform with such great musicians and bands from Cuba and around the world, like; Banda de Musica del Estado Mayor General from 1988 to 1991 and The Giraldo Piloto y Klimax. With this last band Jorge Luis recorded 3 Albums “Mira si te Gusta, Juego de Manos and Oye Como Va and toured extensible through Europe since 1995-2000, (including performances at The North Sea Jazz Festival, Montreaux Jazz Festival, Jazz Vienne Fest, Bern International Jazz Fest, Umbria Jazz Fest, Victoria Jazz Fest, Jazz Fest- Perlen, Munster International Jazz Fest, among others. In 2002-2006, Papiosco joined the prestigious band “Cubanismo” directed by trumpeter Jesus Alemañi and started touring extensible through USA (20 states), UK, Western Europe, Malassya, Singapur, Japan, Australia’s Opera House, Thailand, Macao, Hong Kong and Canada (including performances at all the major Music Festivals and venues). Also, in 2005 Jorge Luis recorded on the Cubanismo’s Grammy Nominated Album “Greetings from Havana”.  Now based in Toronto, Canada since 2006 Mr. Papiosco has performed/toured and recorded with must of the well-know musicians in the Canada’s music field including Multiple Grammy Nominated and 6 Times Juno Award Jane Bunnett, (recording on the CD “Embracing Voices” Juno Winner 2009 “Best Album of the Year” and touring extensible since 2006 across Canada; including performances at all the major Music Festivals and venues). Currently, Jorge Luis “Papiosco” has become one of the busiest Cuban percussionists in Canada and he is involved in several projects, including his own quartet in which the main goal is to play original music within the vocabulary of Afro-Cuban Jazz. for the last 3 years I rejoin CUBANISMO and has being traveling and performing in the best stages in the world


Antonio Portuondo Martínez (Timbales)


Nacido en Santiago de Cuba en 1978, Portuondo comenzó sus estudios en  la Escuela Vocacional de Artes José María Heredia. Para después continuar sus estudios en Escuela Nacional de Artes en la ciudad de la Habana.

Posteriormente se convirtió en uno de los percusionistas de jazz afrocubanos más notables del país. Propietario de un estilo personal que combina el Jazz moderno, el son Montuno y Timba con varios elementos de la música Afrocubana litúrgica, a colaborado con un gran numero de artistas, entre los que destacan:

 Isaac Delgado, Pedro Calvo (VAN VAN), Jorge Luis Rojas, Orquesta Habana Casino, Manolin ( el medico de la salsa) Pachito Alonso, etc., y trabajó en teatros  y festivales y teatros del nivel de, B.B. King de Nueva York, Festival Internacional Cervantino, Maxi Hall de Toronto, Festival North Sea ( Holanda), Barbican Center Londres, Festival WOMAD Caceres Espana,



Arys Montenegro, Cuban percussionist, was born in Nuevitas, Camaguey,
Cuba in 1967. From a young age he desired to be a musician. He began to pursue
his dreams at the age of ten, where he started to practice the arts of percussion, at the institution of Casa De La Cultura, in his hometown,  Nuevitas.  During his
commencement of his studies, he was granted the opportunity to play alongside
various popular groups. In his professional life he began to play Timbales with a
group called Ballenatos from 1980-1983.  He later moved on to playing in the
ensemble Son de Cuba, a prestigious, first level   group, where he played the
Bongos for four years (1986-1990).  Years later Montenegro became the cofounder of the orchestra Valentin y los del Caribe, one of the best exponents of tourism in Cuba. He had the opportunity to perform as a singer and conga player.
In addition, he had the ability to travel to different countries such as Mexico and
his current residence, Canada, where he performs alongside numerous
musicians, such as, Andy Montañez, Roberto Blade, Charly Cardona, Charlie
Issac, and many more (1993-2003).  Arys Montenegro has been currently
performing for four years in the prestigious orchestra Cubanismo, directed by the trumpeter, Jesus Alemañy. He has been able to travel to United States and Europe,representing Cuban music and taking it to the most prestigious places in the world!


Jorge Emilio Maza was born in Havana Cuba in the 60’s of the last century; his father , Jose Maza was also a proficient flutist and the lead vocalist of “SIGLO XX” one of the most renown dancing orchestras in Cuba during the late 40’s and early 50’s.Was precisely his father who introduced young Jorge Maza at the age of seven to the music world specially to the flute, becoming Jorges’s first flute teacher. Also his uncle Roberto Maza “el vive bien” happened to be an outstanding and later famous “RUMBA” singer-player with several recordings in his career which gave Jorge the chance to see and feel this afro-cuban musical expression from really close as he took part in many “rumbas” at a place called “El Africa” frequented by some of the most remarkable RUMBA celebrities at that time and nowdays regarded RUMBA legends Like “Tio Tom” and “Evaristo Aparicio” better known as “el picaro”. Coached by his elder brother who lived at “El Africa” Jorge Maza took part in several of those Old Good RUMBAS at a very early age and even after having started his formal musical school education.


Graduated with honors from the NATIONAL SCHOOL OF MUSIC as a teacher and instrumentalist and from the INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE MUSICA as a licenciado in music he started my career working with the symphony of the town of Matanzas alternating with clubs of renown like EL CAPRI, EL NACIONAL tropicana and ICRT ( as a substitute) in the last two, returning to Colombia to work with internationally renowned orchestras as trombonist, director and arranger: GRUPO NICHE, GUAYACAN, YURY BUENAVENTURA, GRUPO GALE, RICHIE VALDES BAND HANSEL CAMACHO, SUPREME COURT, BAHIA GROUP, etc. I have also had the honor of working with international orchestras like: GILBERTO SANTARROSA, OSCAR DE LEON, EL CANARIO, TONY VEGA, DLG, SALSA GIANTS (sergio george) LOS VAN VAN, MAELO RUIZ, TITO ROJAS, MENUDO, JOSE JOSE, RAULIN ROSENDO , TITO NIEVES, RICHIE REY AND BOBBY CRUZ, CUBANISMO AND MANY MORE, I am currently based in the USA continuing my work as musician-instrumentalist and managing my own studio BIG-D ENTERTAIMENT and also playing c on big band, top 40 soloists and orchestras from the area

Alexis Baro .
Alexis Baro was born into a musical family in Havana, Cuba. Classically trained, he took up the trumpet at the age of age 8 and completed his musical education receiving a teaching certification at the prestigious Amadeo Roldán Music Conservatory in Havana. While in school he became a member of the Buena Vista Social Club super star Omara Portuondo's band, and later at the age of 19 played lead trumpet for the National Radio and Television Orchestra.After moving to Toronto, Canada in 2001, he was discovered by iconic Canadian jazz drummer Archie Alleyne where he florished as a writer and performer for eight years as a member of the Canadian award winning 'hard-bop" band Kollage. As a band member he was nominated for “Best Jazz Trumpeter” by the Canadian National Jazz Awards in the years 2006, 2007, and 2008. Baro has participated in more than 60 albums and can be heard as a feature solist on some of the most transcendent Latin albums made in Canada such as Hilario Duran’s Grammy Award nominated album “From The Heart”.He has performed on Tv on various shows like Canadian Idol as part of the Horn section for all 6 seasons and Canada’s Walk of fame , Alexis also has performed with such artists as Nikky Yanofsky, David Foster, Michael Bubble, Paul Anca, Danilo Perez, John Patitucci, Brian Blade, Paquito d' Rivera, Jimmy Bosch, Miguel Zenon, Hilario Duran, Robi Botos, Jesus Alemaney & Cubanismo, David Virelles, Andrea Boccelli, Gino Vanelli, Esthero, David Rudder, Juan de Marco & The AfroCuban All Stars, and Horacio "el negro" Hernandez.Highlights in his solo career include opening for Herbie Hancock, and tours of South America ,the West Indies and Europe.He’s released four albums as a solo artist “Havana Banana”, “From the Other Side”, “Blue Skin” and his latest offering titled “Guilty Pleasure” which won a “Global Music Award” in the jazz category November 2015.It features a collection of
new original compositions and one standard touching on a variety of genres including Latin, Afro-Cuban, Spoken Word and Contemporary Jazz. His most recent project will be released on Sept. 7th at Lula Lounge and it will be a Musical tribute to his roots and home neighbourhood of Pueblo Nuevo in Havana , this project will feature some of the most accomplished Cuban musicians in the city that will become part of “Alexis Baro & Pueblo Nuevo Jazz Project ” all 9 original tracks will be feature on this  Project’s first Album “ Sugar Rush ” .for the last 3 years  I'm part of the world famous  Institution CUBANISMO whose bandleader is MR. JESUS ALEMANY performing in the most important Jazz and popular music stages around the world

 Luis Deniz 
Saxophonist Luis Deniz was born and raised in Cuba and is currently based in Toronto.   He started his music studies at the age of 10 and graduated from the National School of Arts in Havana in 2003. In 2004, he moved to Toronto and since then has kept a busy schedule both performing and teaching; he is on the faculty at Humber College.  Luis’s awards include Grand Prix du jazz General Motors (Montreal Jazz Festival, David Virelles Quintet, 2006) and Galaxie Rising Star (Halifax Jazz Festival, Rich Brown’s Rinsethealgorithm, 2010).  He has performed and shared the stage with some of the best jazz musicians from Canada and abroad, and has played all over Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, and Japan.for the last 3 years  I'm part of the world famous  Institution CUBANISMO whose bandleader is MR. JESUS ALEMANY performing in the most important Jazz and popular music stages around the world


Osmani Collado Martínez:

He was born September 30, 1966. Native of Bahia Honda. Pinar del Rio, Cuba. 

I participate for 9 years in pioneriles both provincial and national festivals as well as director of a pioneer group, called "the future"

Through the course of his studies at the vocational, I participate in different competitions of saxophone, which obtained the best results.

Subsequently continued his studies at the National School of art in which was involved in numerous competitions and stood out in the "Amadeo Roldan", in 1980, where he acquired the first prize in this competition.

He was graduated in 1985, integrating the group "Breaks" where I carried out national and international tours. Then complete in a short period of time the group "Mix" of Pablo Menéndez.

He then became member for three years of the "Fruitful" group directed by Martha Jean Claude. I then extend his musical career

In the Orchestra "Yumuri and his brothers", thus founding the Orchestra and serving as pianist, arranger and composer on two of their first record productions, known as "Water crocodile room" and "Provocation".

Founded the "neighborhood" the Orchestra, then step to direct "Perfect chemistry" Orchestra for a year and a half. In 1998 Integra La Charanga Habanera, participating in his tours both inside and outside the country as well as their record productions from that year, developing as composer, in this Orchestra and giving important successes:

  • "Juana Magdalena"

  • "The heart beats me"

  • "Pity of my"

  • "Mambo # Cuba"

Among others, being already an integral musical Orchestra Charanga Habanera collaborated in the first album of Calixto Oviedo entitled "the reward "in which he served as composer, musical director of five themes, instrumentalist and arranger of all the issues, in addition to recording pianos and saxophones.

Jointly participated in instrumental albums, as "Cuba mi mejor Canción", of the label Bis Music, standing next to Julito Padrón and Chicoy.

to Teresita Fernandez. Also participated along with David Calzado in the production "Haila different "as arranger, composer, and instrumentalist.

During his long career developed as musical producer of the album "Playing with fire" Raisa, filming at RTV commercial Studios, mixing and mastering in the EGREM Studios.It has also made independent in Peru productions, and within the framework of the Charanga Habanera were nominated for the Grammy latinos in the United States in 2001.

With Charanga Habanera has had the opportunity to share the stage with Gilberto Santa Rosa, Oscar de León, Luis Enrique, DLG.

Year 2013 cd 11 tracks, all under his authorship and arrangements, much work, they consolidated their first record production as a producer, outside the framework of the Orchestra, this cd is marked as the opening of a new stage in the career of Osmani collado , that refers to, OPENING, in this cd participating musicians of the stature of, miguel Nuñez, haila, alexander abreu, helder red randolph chacon, oralndito, robertico on guitars, singing, laritza, arlenis, leoni, waldo, moon, julien oviedo, among others

Contemporary sounds is permeate this phonogram by a renowned composer who has opted for the first time by EGREM, Opening is the start of a dream that finally becomes a reality.

This is an album created and produced by a prolific musician with extensive experience in the world of popular music such as Osmani Collado, which initially formed part of the Yumurí Orchestra and his brothers taking part in 2 Phonograms of the grouping , and then joined the Charanga Habanera for more than 15 years in roles of composer, arranger and instrumentalist in the Orchestra, with whom he won a nomination in 2003 to award Latin Grammy for the CD "Live in USA". So well-known songs make up your catalog within the same as beats Me the heart that was emblematic of the group in 2007 and others as Juana Magdalena, do not believe you, pity me, Olvidadiza, Mambo # Cuba, among others.

Also, he has worked as composer and instrumentalist in dissimilar phonographic productions of other artists as Rudd on his CD "what you want" as author of the renowned theme with who you, or others with greater participation as the CD "Diferente" of Haila, where the singer

Contemporary sounds is permeate this phonogram by a renowned composer who has opted for the first time by EGREM, Opening is the start of a dream that finally becomes a reality.

This is an album created and produced by a prolific musician with extensive experience in the world of popular music such as Osmani Collado, which initially formed part of the Yumurí Orchestra and his brothers taking part in 2 .

Also, he has worked as composer and instrumentalist in dissimilar phonographic productions of other artists as Rudd on his CD "what you want" as author of the renowned theme with who you, or others with greater participation as the CD "Diferente" of Haila, where the singer performs several of his subjects. He has also collaborated with Vania Borges, Leoni Torres, Caribbean Girls, La Barriada, among others.